Monday, March 24, 2014

Photo Morphing

Morphing  means transformation of one image into another image. This technique are use for one image turning in to another image. Different technique are use for transformation of one image smoothly in another. Morphing is the word derive from this word metamorphosis. Metamorphosis means the change the size and scale or appearance form of images.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


We all knows that in Linux operating system whatever we execute is a process. So many time we don't know how to get proper information about which process. Basically it's depend on our need that why we have to get information of process.Now if we consodering a normal system user, then we can consider that he needs atleast process id to do some basic operations on that process. For example I open a firefox browser and i want to know what it's process id, so there are two way to get process id.

Friday, March 21, 2014

WinZip moves to Cloud as a ZipShare

Winzip is a file compression utility that has been using from many years to manage the space or say using less space. Now-a-days, millions of people store their data in the cloud and share their files online and may find the storage space problems. So for this, Winzip has made a shift to the cloud. Now the Winzip makers are launching a Zipshare that manages the file, zip the file, encryption and also has the sharing service that works with the major online file hosting platforms. Currently ZipShare is in the beta version.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Geany Editor

Open Source has contributed with may of the applications that are useful to the people and specially programmers. Geany is one of the applications that is much used now a days. It is just like an IDE that enables a user to run multi ingustic programs using one editor. It has an inbuilt compiler which detects the type of code you are writing and compiles the code. We will be seeing the basic code of C.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

How to change image on JPanel on action Command button

Welcome to itsitrc blogspot .

This article is for Java Applet .

Problem :

How to change image on JPanel on action Command button ?

Answer :

To satisfy this output we have step by step code described below.
To carry out this code you need to save images in your bin folder inside your workspace and just for example you need have .jpg extension images.
Save it as :
"1.jpg ",  "2jpg" ... so on just for testing issue....!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to set Image to JPanel in java

How to set image in JPanel or Panel in java Applet using Eclipse

For carrying out the most simplest way to add image in a JPanel in java applet follow the below steps :

1.Save the Image in bin folder, where your Project is stored in Workspace.

2.Confirm and check the exact type of Image file for Example it can be .jpg or .jpeg or so on...

3.Open your notepad or if you're using java eclipse or any other java working environment.

4.You need to include basic two packages i.e."  java.awt.*;  " and " javax.swing.*; ".

5.extend the JApplet class to get the GUI.

6.You need to declare, initialize and add JLabel. Here JLabel will contain image and this JLabel will be added to a JPanel. Now here JPanel is initialized and added to a container , which is on JApplet.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

File Recovery in Linux and Windows

In any type of Operating System once the file has been deleted there are several procedures to recover them.  Here I would like to share some of the simple things we can try to recover our deleted files.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Unhide Password Add-On in Firefox

Hi friends it is some times difficult to type your password when some one is around you. But in some cases when we have have very few chances of typing the password and we are guessing the password for some of the sites that we don't remember we need to see the password. Yes but it is necessary that no one is around us.
So to over come this problem Mozilla Firefox has made an Add-On that unhides the password from the user.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Android application for GPS tracking

Hi friends, today we will see one of the most exciting features of Android operating system known as context aware services. This feature makes Android device a much smarter as it knows where exactly it is by using GPS receiver which is in built in Android device.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Android Power saver apps Vs. Inbuilt Power Saver

Hello Smart phone users,
The first and most basic problem to any smart phone user, android users specifically is about the battery and performance. While selecting the phone, most of us don’t consider the battery standby and performance, which is an important factor and not bound to deny. When this comes into your consideration, it’s too late, and you go browsing PlayStore for battery saving applications. I know presently many of you do have such app right now in your phone.
Let me tell you one thing, these apps don’t work; at an extent that you think. I have conducted few tests with my own device. I have downloaded those apps which are well known and recommended. In my Phone, I’ve used these apps- ‘Du-Battery saver’, ’Go Battery Saver’, ’Easy Battery Saver’, ‘Battery Doctor’. The link for news site;

Here’s the screenshot from my device. The Battery doctor app showed its functionality defect in this image. Moment I finished installation, It created one shortcut, which is normal, but the moment I started the app, it gave notification that ‘shortcut icon created on home screen’.

    1.    Go Battery saver: Initially when every such app start they show battery status and consumption level, this showed the same. It has profiles depending upon how user wants the performance. The default mode was “MY MODE” which is your current settings with respect to Brightness level, background apps, and widgets. In setting you will find TOOLS section, There’s a hot badge option TRASH, which kills your task running in background this can consume your battery not by killing application, but those applications are meant to run in background, those apps will restart and again will be killed by battery saver, this goes in cycle and hence draining battery. The interface is good, but doesn’t satisfy the need, pops out an Advertise every time you exit. Do not click on such Ads. They may contain malicious application for instance you can see in image 4.

2.    Battery Doctor: This app had no surprise element, I could see the same modules, same profiles the only thing I caught; was the app consumption chart, It showed the criteria for “High battery consuming apps”, this result included the battery saving application Go battery saver also named as “Go Power Master”. You can see that in image 5. After clearing that, only FB messenger was continued. Checking out the profiles, you will find the profile, deduces the overall screen dim as if your phone is SICK! No advertise pop outs but no such saving either. Hence, doesn’t satisfy the need.


 3.    Du Battery saver:  This battery saver is quite famous and is found with most of the users. There exists a premium version too, but the free version itself didn’t impress, so there’s no question on spending a penny over it. So far better UI than others. Gives a Monitor to have a watch over the apps as well as hardware, but once again it gave a chance to pick a fault. It showed the “Battery doctor” app consuming 1.6% of juice. Where earlier in “Go Power Master” the consumption of “Battery Doctor” was 0.43% you can refer the following screenshots. There may be rise obviously, but this not the all, the hardware section showed the consumption of Radio. It was ON according to the app., but actually it was OFF, since it needs the headset to work as antenna. Conclusion, dissatisfaction.

4.    Easy battery saver: This battery saver is total waste of data rates. The interface not so good. Same modules and less number of profiles. Another irritating thing, you cannot exit this app, you have minimize it compulsorily or see “About us” section or see “Top Apps” section. I would strongly recommend, do not install this app!

Task killers:
As I mentioned earlier, the Cycle of killing and evoking of background apps drains a lot of battery, “Du battery saver” and “Batter Doctor” come with Task killer widgets. In Image 13 if you observe after I optimized it, It shows that battery lives 8min longer and in Image 14 It kills same number of apps, in matter of time but notifies 56mins saved, which not at all a practical thing to be believed!

What Practically happens in your phone?

The image below here is self explanatory. You must be wondering if you can see this in your phone; well every Smartphone user can. The foll. image show the actual RAM usage of these so called Battery saving apps.Also all the junk you get for free in your Gallery can't be ignored.have a look.

What could have worked for your battery saving?
I would say there are two options for saving battery

A)   Either you get an app, which is smart enough to close or power off those apps and features which are not required, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and so on. There are some apps which do perform this, one of them is Battery Defender, but it can turn off Wi-Fi only, it has no control over others.

B)   Or you can turn off features by your own like, turning off haptic feedback, Brightness level, Wi-Fi  switch, mobile data whenever not needed. Some handsets come with feature of “Power Saving”. That can be the best option in my opinion.

THANK YOU… Any more help regarding Battery optimization and Phone performance you need, you may comment below.