Thursday, January 23, 2014

Use of getopt command in linux

It is observerd that there are many students and many people who create their own commands, it is more obvious that they create their commands according to the user satisfaction and theri ease. So many commands use the getopt command to create their own commands with particular options. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How to Set DPI for Steel Series Kana mouse

Let us first see

What is DPI ?

It's Long form is Dot Per Inch .So, as perception to mouse it is the DPI which drives your smoothness in movements in X and Y coordinates .Your DPI is distance Travelled between X and Y coordinates in your Screen Display.

What role DPI plays into Movement ?

Every mouse consist of DPI starting from at least 400dpi range till 6000dpi and more updates may come into the advance mouse .As higher your DPI is as smoother it will move around the surface.

Again there are two types of Mouse i.e.

1. Laser mouse2. Optical mouse 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

How to Access Blocked Websites

Hello geeks, here is a new trick for all of you. All of you had gone through a problem once that you want to access a website and it is blocked due to some reason. This problem you may face at your schools, colleges or in your office that many websites are blocked for security reasons, or some social networking sites are blocked where people like to spend much of their time etc.

Increase Component’s Clock Rate With Over clock

In order to increase the clock speed of any component we can use phenomena called as over clocking. It increases the component’s clock rate, running it at a higher speed than it was designed to run. Increasing a component’s clock rate causes it to perform more operations per second, but it also produces additional heat. It guides the user for squeezing the component’s performance.

What is actually the process it involves?

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Hey geeks, we all knows that downloading is very important for us, specially for me and we use different software to manage our downloading for higher speed. In windows many people love to use Internet Download Manager(IDM), so here I am giving a alternative for IDM in Linux that is XDM. XDM is better then IDM as per my experience with this software. To install XDM in your Linux just follow some simple steps.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

BleachBit - Clean your PC

Many of you may know that files deleted from the hard drive can be recovered using various mechanisms available. To protect or to avoid recovery of deleted files, we should re-write data over the location of data that is deleted. We cannot do that ourselves. This is where BleachBit comes into action.

Set Linux Terminal Background Color

       Hi friends, it is observerd that there are many people who don't like the black screen of the terminal, in that case we can set the color of the terminal as required. If one wants to set the background color using shell script it can be done as follows:

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Using torrent in Linux

Hello friends I am observed that new Linux user are not knows how to download files from torrent in Linux. So friends we are now discussing now about how to use torrent in Linux like operating system such as Ubuntu. 
  1. Ubuntu system provides an built in application to download files form torrent named as "Transmission bit torrent".
  2. Now to download file from torrent open torrent website and type what you want to download.
  3. Website replies if it is available to download, click on any link and download torrent file. which is necessary to download. These steps are shown in following figures.

    Figure 1 torrent page

    Figure 2 download link

    Figure 3 torrent file download

  4.  After downloading torrent file, open that torrent file with transmission bit torrent application. It will display window as shown bellow in figure 4.
    Figure 4 Opening torrent file
  5. You can configure priority of this download to high or low or normal. after that click on open. it will show an bit torrent window. as shown in following figure 5.
    Figure 5 bit torrent

    In this way we can use transmission bit torrent to download files from torrent.



Friday, January 10, 2014

Solution for DDR3 of Motherboard with DDR5 of Graphics card Compatibility

Hello all, now adays many people are getting confused regarding choice of motherboard and graphics card. Most of the vendors suggest while buying Motherboard and graphics card that

"Your Motherbaord supports DDR3 slot and your Graphics card which your buying is of DDR5,in this case extra memory of DDR5 will be wasted".

So ,while buying people get confused regarding the Motherboard DDR3 speed and Separate Graphics Card DDR5 speed.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Vim – Vi IMproved, a programmers text editor

It is observed that many people are uncomfortable with the “vi” editor. Vim is a editor which runs on terminal but adapts many features of “vi” editor. So it is very much easy for the people who want to switch from “vi” editor to “vim” editor. “vi ” is a default editor that is installed for the terminal. We can even install the graphical version of the “vim” editor. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Reading contents of file using C programming

To read contents of  file C programming offers various data structure to read, write etc. like scanf (), printf(), gets(), puts(), fscanf() etc. In this blog I am using some data structure to read file contents.