Sunday, September 29, 2013

Managing User Accounts in Linux

Hello friends, in this blog we are going to understand managing or configuring new accounts graphically. In Linux distribution operating system there is an root account indicated by “/” having complete privilege to operate Linux system. We can create new user accounts as we required. I am currently using Linux distribution “BOSS” (Bharat operating system solution) developed by C-DAC organization.
Now follow given step to create new account:
  1.  Click on System > Control center > System > Users and Groups.
  2. Now click on Add button to add new account it will ask for root authorization. Then it will display new window. 
  3. Specify new user name in the new window and click on OK. 
  4. After that it will display new window for password for the same account. There are two option for setting password “Set password by hand” or by “Generate random”.
  5. If you want to set your password then use first option.
  6. Now enter password in both text box and click on OK. 
  7. Now look at user account new account created “ravikumar”.   
Now if you want to set resources that are only allowed to us by newly created account, follow following steps:
  1. Click on Advanced button on same window of created account by selecting appropriate account. It will ask for root authority.
  2. Now it will display new window, from that window click on tab user privileges, it will display list of resources. From that list of resources we can set and remove resources to be used by newly created account.
  3. Now click on Advanced tab it will display home location of newly created account.
  4. We are also able to add current account in new group by selecting group name.
  5. We are also able to disable account by selecting check box. 
Fig 4. Advanced setting