Monday, March 24, 2014

Photo Morphing

Morphing  means transformation of one image into another image. This technique are use for one image turning in to another image. Different technique are use for transformation of one image smoothly in another. Morphing is the word derive from this word metamorphosis. Metamorphosis means the change the size and scale or appearance form of images.
Example of photo morphing:
Transformation of one image into another image

Figure 1 . Morph
Morphing techniques:-
Morphing involves image processing techniques Like Warping and Cross dissolving.

1] Warping :-                                                    
Warping is use to align two images. warping  determines pixel from one image co-related with corresponding pixel from the other image. warping doesn't work if important pixel are not map. Warping process is done so that two images have the same shape. 
2] Cross Dissolving:-   
Cross Dissolving means that one image fades to another image. This technique usually poor because the features of both images are not align and that result is double exposure in miss aligned the region. This drawbacks of Cross Dissolving is overcome by using warping technique.                            
  • Photo Morphing process:-                                                   
a) Image are scale to the same size :-This is the drawbacks of cross dissolving technique since before performing coordinate transformation we scale image to the same shown in this image the original image of human face and lion face scale to the same size.the distance between the eyes and the mouth is more in the picture then the human picture. 


               Fig2.Original images

b)Perform coordinate transformation:-
In this step of photo morphing we perform coordinate transformation on the partition image to match the feature point of this two shown in picture we are matching the eyes and the mouth of this two image. We notice that girl face become more longer and the lion become more short.
                                   Fig3.Modified images

c)Apply  Cross Dissolving:-
After coordinate transformation the cross dissolving is applied to generate a new image from two images. The result of this two images look like combination of these two wrapped faces.result image contains the feature of both the girls and the lion faces.Generated image contains two eyes and the one mouth.
Fig4.Transformed image

-Sunil Badame