Thursday, December 20, 2012


Hello readers, today I am going to shared one trick from which we can unlock our Internet dongle. After unlocking our net dongle we can use any SIM (any Network provider) card in our dongle.
Many times we buy a dongle of particular Company or Network Provider, after buying it our needs are changes and we want to use other SIM card of different network providers. So what to do, one solution is to buy universal dongle, but we have to pay more money for that, other solution is to unlock our dongle and use any SIM card in it. Many times we don’t need to unlock our dongle, we just have change some configuration setting in dongle APN, for example if you have Airtel dongle then just follow the following steps,

Step1 -> Open Airtel Setting wizard

Step 2 -> Go to Configuration Setting and select APN

Step 3 -> Change the APN name (for example if you want to use Aircel card instead of Airtel then replace into aircelgprs)

Step 4 -> save Settings

Now try to access Internet in your browser and you will see you can able to use Aircel card in Airtel dongle (it is work especially on Airtel - Huawei E1731)
Second way is to unlock your dongle, but how to do it, the solution is UNIVERSAL MASTER CODE GENERATOR, and by using it we can unlock ZTE, NEC, LGkg110, Nokia, Huawai, VK dongles only. To unlock above dongles, just follow following steps.
Step 1 -> Download Universal Master Code Software.(you can download it on ).

Step 2 -> after download it just open it by double clicking on it, it doesn’t required any installation.  Following figure shows how it will be look like.
Fig : After Opening of UMC

Step 3 -> Enter IMET number, which is comes with your dongle.
Fig : Entering IMEI number
Step 4 -> now just click on Calculate; it will calculate UNLOCK and FLASH code.
Fig : Calculating Unlock and Flash Code
After Calculating unlock and flash code try to attach your dongle with other card, after attaching your dongle it will ask for either Unlock code or Flash code, enter it and try to connect Internet, sometimes it may not work with some dongles.