Friday, March 7, 2014

Unhide Password Add-On in Firefox

Hi friends it is some times difficult to type your password when some one is around you. But in some cases when we have have very few chances of typing the password and we are guessing the password for some of the sites that we don't remember we need to see the password. Yes but it is necessary that no one is around us.
So to over come this problem Mozilla Firefox has made an Add-On that unhides the password from the user.
  1. Search the Add-On Unhide Password in the Tools -> Add-Ons.
    Fig 1. Search Add-On

  2. Now install the Unhide Password by clicking the install button, and restart the browser.
  3. Now open any site where you can login for example gmail, so we can see the password filled with the characters instead of special characters.
    Fig 2. Unhided Password

  4. If you want to disable the Add-On after using it then go to Tools -> Add-On -> Extension and disable the Add-On by clicking on Disable Button.

    Fig 3. Disable Add-On