Sunday, March 3, 2013

Download any video using Firefox

In order to download the Videos from various websites, we face different difficulties. We use different softwares to do so. Many softwares or download managers are available to download the videos from Youtube. But, in order to download any general video from Internet we did not find any specific software.
Mozilla Firefox web browser has provided a beautiful 'add-on' to download any kind of video from Internet. It is provided by Net Video Hunter. Here, are notes to use the net video hunter. It is a beautiful add-on which is user friendly and downloads all kind of videos.

First go to the “add-on” option in “tools” menu of Firefox and search for “Video Downloader”. You will get a bunch of video downloading tools. Select “Net Video Hunter” from there and click on Install.

Net Video Hunter Add-on
It will install Video Downloader in the Firefox and after restarting the browser its icon will be shown just in front of the “Address bar” and “Search box” of the Firefox.

Now open the web-page which contains the Video. After playing the video, the icon of the “Net Video Hunter” will start blinking. Then click on it.

Picture-2 Video Played (See the blue icon in front the search box)
The net video hunter's window will be opened and you will see the list of videos that are played in the Firefox currently. Your video link will be shown on the top. See the picture below.

Picture-3 Video play or Download
You may directly play the video here or you can download it too by clicking the respective buttons. When you press “download”, the video will start downloading in Firefox's download manager and when clicking “Play” button the video will be played in the same window. See the picture below.

By downloading, you may save the video in the default folder specified by Mozilla Firefox. Just try once.