Friday, January 10, 2014

Solution for DDR3 of Motherboard with DDR5 of Graphics card Compatibility

Hello all, now adays many people are getting confused regarding choice of motherboard and graphics card. Most of the vendors suggest while buying Motherboard and graphics card that

"Your Motherbaord supports DDR3 slot and your Graphics card which your buying is of DDR5,in this case extra memory of DDR5 will be wasted".

So ,while buying people get confused regarding the Motherboard DDR3 speed and Separate Graphics Card DDR5 speed.

So a question arises ...

Which Graphics Card to buy which will be Compatible with 
 respective to motherboard speed of DDR?

Well you'll not have to worry regarding that because, Graphic Card's DDR5 deals with PCI-E slot and it doesnt matter with your DDR3 Motherboard.

This means you can implement a DDR5 Supported Graphics card with DDR3 Motherboard support.

For Example :

If you have ISUS Motherboard or any other Motherboard which supports DDR2/DDR3 and you want to implement a ATI/Nvidia graphics card then you can.

Take an Example of Below given Mother of GIGA Byte with DDR3 slots.

And you want to implement this most High performing graphics card with DDR5 speed

Graphics card name :  Gtx680 2GB DDR5 256bit

So the above combination will surely work.You can work this with ATI Radeon Graphic Cards with FX-series Motherboard and processor of AMD,it is Compatible.

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