Monday, September 8, 2014

Learn How to set router wifi access with password protected of iball baton router

Hello all, this article is for iball Router internet access configuration setup tutorial for iball baton router. This setting is not so difficult as we will cover it using pictorial views with descriptive headings. So, lets start with it.

Let me discuss you with some basics about router. If you want to enable a wired internet to WIFI internet , you need to connect the incoming internet cable to 1st port of your router. 

About Router:

Router consist of 1 in coming port and other as outgoing port. So, it is very essential to plug your incoming port into your 1st port space. Then to configure connect a RJ-45 cable into 2nd port of your router and connect other end of the same piece to a computer LAN port on which you will configure your router.

Now, after connecting go-to any browser you have on your system and type in url space : 

then press enter.
you will get a login screen.

iball router consist of default Username and password for there router i.e. 

Username : admin
Password : admin

as you can see in below image.

Then press enter.....

After entering successfully the username and password , main dashboard of router will appear as shown below. It will show you the status and basic information of router and computer network status which is connected to router.

Now, to set username and password for the router go-to
Network Settings -> WAN

As you can see in below image enter the Username and Password provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider ) and select the type of WAN connection type.
Then click on SAVE option.

Now, here the MAC (Media Access Control) address is supposed to be changed. As your Service provide to change the MAC address in there database and recommend them the MAC address of your Router which is shown in below image WAN MAC Address. Then click on SAVE option and reboot your router.

Now, for setting security password go to Security and enter the password in password section, remember to use special characters like $,#,@ in your password for Security purposes.
Do select WPA2-PSK in security for strong Password Encryption.

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