Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Geany Editor

Open Source has contributed with may of the applications that are useful to the people and specially programmers. Geany is one of the applications that is much used now a days. It is just like an IDE that enables a user to run multi ingustic programs using one editor. It has an inbuilt compiler which detects the type of code you are writing and compiles the code. We will be seeing the basic code of C.

To install Geany just follow the command:
$sudo apt-get install geany
Figure 1: Installing Geany

Now open the application where you would see the following

Figure 2: View Of Geany
Create a new project by clicking on the project menu:
Figure 3: Create new project

Now create a new document in the project and save it with name as main.c:

Figure 4: Sample Code

Now to compile the program we have two ways,
[ 1 ] Using the built in compiler.
[ 2 ] Using the terminal.

[ 1 ] Using the built in compiler:
It is very much easy to use the built in compiler of geany, just click icon of compile in toolbar, the click the build button to build the project and the you can execute the program by clicking the execute button on toolbar.
Figure 5: Built in Compiler

[ 2 ] Using the terminal:
Now we use the traditional way of compiling and the program that is using gcc for compilation and executing the program, as shown in figure below:
Figure 6: gcc Compiler

We can even use the templates php,html,rb,c,cxx,tex,vala etc.It also reduces the time of switching between the terminal and the editor.