Saturday, March 8, 2014

File Recovery in Linux and Windows

In any type of Operating System once the file has been deleted there are several procedures to recover them.  Here I would like to share some of the simple things we can try to recover our deleted files.

            In windows the data if deleted does not mean that the data is completed deleted. Instead, only the method to reach the file is deleted. Windows after deleting a file only deletes the link and addresses of that file. But there are some software which searches for the type of file required in the whole memory disks byte-by-byte and recovers all the deleted files of the required filetype provided the file has not been overwritten by some another new file stored in the same storage drive.
            “Recuva” is the very well-known software for windows to recover deleted files. You can also download it at
1)      Choose appropriate file to download 32/64 bit exe file.
2)      After installing it follow the simple instructions given after installation.
3)      Choose the type of  file and the drive to be search.
4)      Mark “Deep Scan” for better results, It may take lot of time.
5)      After the results shown, recover all the files on any other drive which you have not scanned to prevent over-writing. Because after the deletion the losses its name mostly and while recovering it may get any other name but filesize and filetype will be same.
6)      After recovering all unknown files check each file individually, if your luck favors you will get your important file(s).

            In Linux, generally there are no options to delete. It always moves data to trash. The deleted files which are moved into trash can be found into hidden “.trash” folder of that drive.
1)      Press “Ctrl+H”. It Unhide the hidden files in the Linux system so that you can search for your “.trash” folder. These directory will always have two sub-directory files,info.
2)      Select “files” – sub directory. Here you will find many of your deleted files.

(NOTE: If you have cleared your trash you may not find your files in “.trash”)
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