Friday, March 21, 2014

WinZip moves to Cloud as a ZipShare

Winzip is a file compression utility that has been using from many years to manage the space or say using less space. Now-a-days, millions of people store their data in the cloud and share their files online and may find the storage space problems. So for this, Winzip has made a shift to the cloud. Now the Winzip makers are launching a Zipshare that manages the file, zip the file, encryption and also has the sharing service that works with the major online file hosting platforms. Currently ZipShare is in the beta version.


Zipshare lets you to zip the large fies and share files both from your computer as well as from well known Cloud like Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive, CloudMe, Dropbox etc.

When you select the file to share, it first compresses your large files and uploads it and after that you have choices with whom to share with like to share with Email or social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Suppose, if you select the Email to share the files with, it will ask for the email-id and then ZipShare will sent the URL at your respective email-id as given.

When you click on the link it will point to download the file.

You can go to "My Files" section and manage the files by sharing with others, move files or entire folders to file hosting sites as well as to unzip, delete your folders in cloud.

ZipShare does not try to compete with the cloud storage services; more-ever it is like a plug-in which reduces the storage space and managing the files online efficiently.

With this new ZipShare it become so easy to manage your files online and can easily share the data by compressing the files with its own and also without attaching those items to an email. This has also put all the platforms at one place, so you easily select from which cloud you want to share the files and where to share the files by compressing the file, thus saving the storage space on your preferred services.