Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How to Set DPI for Steel Series Kana mouse

Let us first see

What is DPI ?

It's Long form is Dot Per Inch .So, as perception to mouse it is the DPI which drives your smoothness in movements in X and Y coordinates .Your DPI is distance Travelled between X and Y coordinates in your Screen Display.

What role DPI plays into Movement ?

Every mouse consist of DPI starting from at least 400dpi range till 6000dpi and more updates may come into the advance mouse .As higher your DPI is as smoother it will move around the surface.

Again there are two types of Mouse i.e.

1. Laser mouse2. Optical mouse 

Steel Series Kana is an Optical Mouse. Benefit of optical mouse is just plug and play ,whereas some laser mouse needs it's particular drivers to work in .Now talking particularly about Kana mouse it ranges from 400-800-1600-3200. You can try each one of these and select your comfort space.

Now most important work to set DPI for Steel series Kana

First of all you need to download a Software support file which is 'Steel Series Engine for Kana' google it and download .After that install it and run, it is as simple as other installations i.e. next ,next ,next, finish .So it was funny ,let's move ahead.

1. Start that Engine application.

Below Given is the main page of this engine.

2. Go-to Settings.

There is a button to change the DPI settings ,where by pressing on it ,Led light will glow on the scroll and again by pressing it ,it will glow off.
Here you can set your two DPI settings which will be identified by your Light glow n light off on your Scroll.
To save it click on New profile and save .It will automatically take the settings inside it.

Now one more special feature regarding Kana mouse is it is designed for Right handed person as well as left handed person .So, you can also do settings for mouse as default by going into button section.

Once you set this settings it will be saved until you change it. There are updates for this settings available you can download that from its official site of steel series .

You may think what could be the Best Combination of DPI you can Select ?

You can select 1600 for normal use.
For gaming purpose you can use it from 400 to 1600 any range.
For animators it is essential that the movement should be perfect so you can go with 400 and 800 because higher DPI may lead to fast movements in X and Y coordinates.

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