Wednesday, January 15, 2014

BleachBit - Clean your PC

Many of you may know that files deleted from the hard drive can be recovered using various mechanisms available. To protect or to avoid recovery of deleted files, we should re-write data over the location of data that is deleted. We cannot do that ourselves. This is where BleachBit comes into action.

BleachBit protects your privacy by secure deletion of data. It not only does that, it can also be used to remove many unwanted programs, files, cookies stored by browser, browser history, freeing up cache, defragmenting, deleteion of computer logs, thus increasing precious disk space of your computer.

It helps you clean 90% of your computer without need of extra software to do all those things. After the cleaning operation, it provides you with a detailed report of what was done with the system.

The software works perfectly fine without any flaws and has a really simple, easy to use interface. It may be slow at times depending on the options you provided to it for cleaning, but it is really worth the wait. It would help to keep the computer working without much flaws for a long time, thus avoiding any unexpected errors cropping up due to those junk files.

How to install in Linux(Ubuntu based) ::
Type the following in Terminal:
       sudo apt-get install bleachbit

One Stop Solution to protect your privacy and getting rid of cleaning problems.