Saturday, January 18, 2014


Hey geeks, we all knows that downloading is very important for us, specially for me and we use different software to manage our downloading for higher speed. In windows many people love to use Internet Download Manager(IDM), so here I am giving a alternative for IDM in Linux that is XDM. XDM is better then IDM as per my experience with this software. To install XDM in your Linux just follow some simple steps.
Step1 :-
Download XDM from following link.
Copy and paste this package to your home folder or you can change your directory (on terminal)to the current path where the package is saved.
type the command on terminal,
sudo dpkg -i xdmfile.deb
(“xdmfile.deb” replace it with your actual package name)
Open you XDM from menu. If it's not opening then try “pgrep java” command on terminal and you will get PID Number then kill that process by “kill PID_Number” then again try to open it. And it will open.
Fig:- 01

Now click on option Icon and then click on proxy option, here you have to configure your proxy setting for http, https and ftp, as shown in fig2. For those who are using mobile or dongle for net connection don't need to configure proxy, so please skip step5.
Fig:- 02

XDM have others option to for better result you can set 32 connections for downloading that will increase your downloading speed more then normally you having.
Try XDM in your Linux and enjoy high download speed. It's also available for Windows,so you can have fun with XDM on Windows as well.