Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Using torrent in Linux

Hello friends I am observed that new Linux user are not knows how to download files from torrent in Linux. So friends we are now discussing now about how to use torrent in Linux like operating system such as Ubuntu. 
  1. Ubuntu system provides an built in application to download files form torrent named as "Transmission bit torrent".
  2. Now to download file from torrent open torrent website and type what you want to download.
  3. Website replies if it is available to download, click on any link and download torrent file. which is necessary to download. These steps are shown in following figures.

    Figure 1 torrent page

    Figure 2 download link

    Figure 3 torrent file download

  4.  After downloading torrent file, open that torrent file with transmission bit torrent application. It will display window as shown bellow in figure 4.
    Figure 4 Opening torrent file
  5. You can configure priority of this download to high or low or normal. after that click on open. it will show an bit torrent window. as shown in following figure 5.
    Figure 5 bit torrent

    In this way we can use transmission bit torrent to download files from torrent.