Saturday, February 8, 2014


Every one like to watch videos, movies and other stuffs and youtube is the place from where you can get all this things with multiple format choices. But when it's comes to mobile phones then many people faces problem regarding downloading and other things. We always get slow downloading speed when we download the videos from youtube. So to solve this problem I am suggesting a android application which will definitely speedup the downloading speed and it's also ask the format, that is on which format do you want to download your videos. Tubemate is an application that helps you to download as well as watch live video streaming on your android phones. For 2G net connection it's gives max 8-240kbps speed and for 3G net connection it gives max 200kbps-4mbps speed for downloading, so guys you can think how much it is useful for us.

Fig:- 01

If you want you can download tubemate from it is website from you can get tubemate easily.
Fig:- 02

After installing tubemate into your android phones you can search any video and click on that video, after clicking on video you can see the green color download option button on the screen, click on it. After clicking on downloading button you will have diffrent video fromat for downloading selected videos, you can also download your video in mp3 format also. After selecting the video format click on download button and your downloading will be start on background.
Fig:- 03

When downloading will be completed, you can also watch it by clicking on play as video option or esle you can play it from your download folder. You can also divide your downloading connection into four parts that will definitely increases the downloading speed. There are many other setting also available, you can check it by clicking on preference settings.