Saturday, January 5, 2013

Install Linux Mint (Nadia) Through Daemon Tools

Hello readers, today I am going to explain how to install .ISO by using Daemon tools, some time it’s become much difficult for the users to do installation part who has some basic knowledge to do some basic operations in any Linux Distro, so for those users I am going to explain how to install any Linux distro, using its .ISO file through Daemon tools.

To install Linux OS using .ISO file, means it is as simple as to install any software in Windows. For installing Linux using .ISO file, I am going to take an example of Linux Mint version 14.1 (i.e. Linux Mint Nadia) and for this you have to follow the following steps.

Step 1: - Download Daemon Tools from

Step 2:- Download your .ISO file (for Linux Mint 14.1 Download it from)

Step 3:- Once we installed Daemon tools, it will appear on our task bar as shown in figure, just right click on it and select “Mount ‘n’ Drive Manager”.

Fig:- 01

Step 4:- After that Mount ‘n’ Drive Manager will open as shown in figure.


Step 5:- Then select Add file then open dialog box will appear then select your .ISO file as shown below.


Step 6:- After selecting .ISO file double click on it and then installation wizard will appear as shown in figure.

Fig. 04

Step 7:- We can choose any of three from above options but we are going to install Linux mint So please Select Install inside Windows. Now here question arrive is that what will happen when we select Install Inside Windows option, don’t worry about it , it will simply install Linux mint inside Windows without affecting anything to windows. 

Step 8:- After selecting Install inside Windows, following option will come.


Step 9:- Select or fill all option as given above, remember one think type your username in small letters only, it won’t allow you to type username in Upper case. Then Click on install.


Step 10:- As shown above it will start installing or copying file. It will take 2-5 min only to complete this task.

Step 11:- Then it will ask for Reboot, we can manually reboot it later but it will be better if you choose Reboot now.


Step 12:- After rebooting Linux Mint will start as shown below, but our job is still not finished yet, because still we didn’t installed Linux Mint, to do so just double click on “install Linux Mint” icon as shown in figure.


Step 13:- After clicking on Install Linux Mint, the Welcome wizard will open then select your language.


Step 14:- Then it will show minimum requirement for HDD and net connection if available, then click on continue.


Step 15:- Then it will show all the information related to Installation type.


Step 16:- Then it will ask for the location from where you are geographically located.


Step 17:- Then it will ask for the Keyboard layout, select it and click on continue.


Step 18:- Then enter all required information as shown below, you can also select how to log in option, i.e. whether password is required to login your account or not.


Step 19:- You can also import Documents and settings from your others OS too, as shown below.


Step 20:- After Clicking on Continue, it will finally start installing Linux Mint on your PC. It will take 15-20min (depend on your RAM Speed) to complete installation. Your PC will get Reboot automatically. After rebooting it will show two options first Windows XP and Second Linux Mint. Select Linux Mint, then it will ask for username and password (only if you had chosen require my password to login else you will login automatically, see step number 18) then enter it and enjoy Linux Mint on your PC.