Thursday, February 6, 2014


Kumbhthon is an technical event organized in Sandip Institute of technology and research centre, mahiravni Nashik. This event is organized by Mr Sunil Khandbahale, Mr Ramesh Raskar, Mr Pachorkar and also there are many more people are involved in organizing the Kumbhthon. This event is an workshop for  72 hours. that is all the participant are in the institute for entire 72 hours. The main intention of organizing such event is developing project for the event will organized in the year 2015. This event is called " KUMBHMELA ".

Government has been done survey that in this event near about 2 millions of people would come. Kumbhmela happens once in 12 years. At the previous kumbhmela people coming to kumbh are faced lot much of problems like accommodation, transport etc. So to take over these problems above stated people take initiative to solve these problem. Kumbhthon organizers are from technical background so they knows that these problems can be solved with the use of technology and they decided to conduct an technical workshop to solve these problems by implementing projects. They invited lot of people from outside and inside of country as mentor for developing project so they will guide participant to implement their project ideas. Following listed persons are mentors invited to kumbhthon:
  1. John Werner, Innovator, MIT Media Lab
  2. Teppo Jouttenus - EdX (Harvard and MIT)
  3. MJ Jouttenus - Language Innovator
  4. Gautam Morey - Grassroots Entrepreneur
  5. Bal Mahale - head of World Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal
  6. Aravind Chinchure - Reliance Labs
  7. Kshitij Marwah - MIT Media Lab India Initiator
  8. Pete Bell, Entrepreneur
  9. Subhash Patil, MKCL
  10. Bruce Hecht, Analog Devices
  11. Dr. John MacDonald - MIT Sloan
  12. Athanasios Athanassiadis - MIT
  13. Nilesh Salgaonkar - Teknocrat’s       
  14. and many more
In this technical event thousands of participant submitted their ideas, from them hundred participant are selected for 3 days event kumbhthon.

In the first day of event 25 project teams are formed and guest session is conducted after this. As per my experience It was really nice experience to be part of this workshop. My team is working on project online registration for kumbhmela. You would not believe that each participant of that event is acts as like nut's of invetor. because everyone is continuously working from 9:00 am to 1:am every day. At the end of workshop 12 projects are selected for further development. My team continuously focusing on the problem "CROUD MANAGEMENT". My team members are:
  1. Borade Vaishali
  2. Ghosh Kabita
  3. Joshi Puja
  4. Mirza Wasif
  5. Patil Mayur
  6. Wagh Ravikumar 
So I think that it is most effective way to make invention.     

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