Thursday, January 24, 2013


In one of my blogs, I had mentioned about the features of Airdroid. That Airdroid users can wirelessly access manage and control almost all aspects of their smartphones and tablets from their favorite web browser. Airdroid is the best and had almost all the features, so that one can easily use all the applications of their smartphones and tablets through web browser. A few days ago, the developers announced an invite-only beta of the latest version of Airdroid i.e. Airdroid 2.
This Airdroid 2 comes with the ‘Remote Connection Mode’ that allows users to access their devices contents and features over the internet from anywhere in the world in addition to the existing Wi-Fi connection mode. So this Airdroid 2 eliminates the limitation of Airdroid that computer and mobile device should be on the same Wi-Fi network. Along with this, one more feature is added that it also brings remote camera access and a ‘Find Phone’ anti-theft feature.

The biggest feature i.e. the Remote Connection Mode grants the users to access all the Airdroid features from two different Wi-Fi networks. Like you are somewhere else connected to that particular Wi-Fi network and your device at home connected to your home Wi-Fi network and still you can access it through your Airdroid 2.
To use this Remote Connection mode, you will need a valid account to pair with the web and mobile clients together. As of, still now The Remote Connection mode allows transferring of data up to 20 MB in size, but it will allot 1GB of total data usage. Now to navigate through this the user has to log in to the app through a new domain instead of or you may enter the Ip addresses on the Airdroid mobile app into your browsers URL bar. If you have the device with you, you can simply scan the QR code shown on the website to log in. You also can sign up for a new account using your Facebook, twitter, Google account. And once you are connected all is yours, you can perform the whole bunch supported tasks, that all remotely over the internet. You can stream your music and videos, view your gallery photos, manage all your phone logs, view contacts and messages, install apps etc.

Airdroid also now supports a new camera tool that can be used to remotely snapshots from your device’s camera. Once you click on the camera icon tool in your browser, the camera on your device will automatically get started and you are ready to capture live images with all the other options of zoom, pause, rotate. The images captured will be stored to Downloads files of your computer system.
One more feature is Find Phone which helps you to instantly track your Android device location on the map if you find tough looking after your mobile phone. Even if the device loses the internet access or get powers off, still you can see its last registered location. It has also some more features such as sounding the alarm, sending the text messages and remotely locking and wiping the device itself.
As the latest version is currently in beta, you can expect some features to be non-functional at this moment. But soon this will get completely functional with its final version. Airdroid soon will become the best remote device management tool for Android.

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