Sunday, December 8, 2013

Changing Logo Of Ubuntu Based Os On Startup

Hi, friends it is seen that we have many distributions of Linux Os which can be identified by their logo. If we want, our logo to appear on the screen on startup there are simple steps that has to be followed.

Step 1:
Change the name of the image you want to make it appear on the screen as “bootlogo” and “shutlogo”, also see to it that the image format is .png.

Step 2:
Now copy both the images in the directory /lib/plymouth/themes/mint-logo/ as shown in figure below:

Figure 1: Copy bootlogo image

Figure 2: Copy shutlogo image

Step 3:
Now update the plymouth theme which is the default theme of any Linux operating system which is Ubuntu based.         
        $ sudo update-alternatives –config default.plymouth

Figure 3: Update Theme

Step 4:
After executing the above command the expected output is shown in figure, where you have to select the directory where you copied the images and enter the number of the folder as shown in figure:

Figure 4: Select Directory
Step 5:
Now update the initial frames where the images load at the startup by using the command as shown in figure below:
        $sudo update-initramfs -u

Figure 5: Update initramfs
Now you can restart your system and you can see that the image copied is displayed at the startup and when you shutdow the system.