Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Hello geeks, I am back with new ideas and concepts. Today I would like to share my own personal experience . While working on my college PC, one of my friend asked me that Linux is faster for working but whenever we start up our PC it's takes more time to boot up. Is any solution for it? I too was facing the same thing. So I found the solution for it. Linux takes time for booting just because it checks all the services installed in our Operating System. In fact many time we don't need all those services all the time, so better is to disable those unnecessary services.

To disable those services we can make it in two ways, first it can be done manually but it's risky to do it. Second is by using “bum” application. Bum is an application which shows you all the services installed in your system and you can easily disable them by unchecked from the given list.

To install bum in your system open terminal and type,

   sudo apt-get install bum -y

It will install bum package in your system, just make sure that you have working Internet connection with you.

Fig : 01

Now to start bum, type on terminal sudo bum , make sure that you always start it from root account, it won't allow the others to start it. After bum (boot-up manager) is open it will show all the services installed in your system. Now you can easily unchecked those services that are not longer required by you system.

Fig : 02

Note: Making services disable in your system may be risky so please make sure that you disable only the known services and that will not harm your system.

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