Thursday, December 5, 2013

How to Construct Wordpress Structure

                           How to Construct Wordpress structure using NetBean IDE php. Wordpress is a OpenSource Tool for Creating, Designing, and Maintaining a Web template i.e. a website.

As Wordpress is OpenSource so it is freely Available and you can Download it from it's Official Site.

We can Use NetBean IDE for this purpose. NetBean IDE enables us to play with lot many designing tools and application generation languages. 

So, our Aim is to create the Structure of Wordpress :

Download , Install and RUN

To start click on FILE Menu , 
Select New Project

Then Select PHP and then PHP Application

Give your Project name and select on which version of PHP you want to work

Then a Project URL will be displayed with your project name

Then in PHP Frameworks select "Wordpress PHP Web Blog/CMS and click on FINISH Button

Then in the same Page you can See the MAIN Structure files of Wordpress is Generated.

Click on this files and you can Edit and add your personal codes for different sections.

You can Run and test your work in your browser by using the local address provided
something like


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