Thursday, October 4, 2012

UberStudent-Operating System For students

Linux has offered a great platform for the college students who want to start up their carrier in Linux or use Linux as platform for the software development. UberStudent is open source software written by the students and for the students. This software is the Linux distros which acts as a learning platform for the beginners in the Linux. Uberstudent is fully free, Ubuntu based, user friendly operating system for learner, researchers and the developers. UberStudent uses the Firefox plug-in called as Zotero. Zotero works in similar fashion as wine software in Ubuntu works. It clubs the data and plugs it with the uberstudent’s version of the open office.. UberStudent is free, both the full and lightweight editions!  

UberStudent installation: (Needs to be booted from CD)

1.      Place your UberStudent DVD on your computer’s drive and reboot. Then your screen will look in this way   

2.      When we hit enter in above screen then it will redirect us to the next screen which will look like this.

3.      Again hit enter here Or wait for 30seconds for automatic redirecting.

4.      Here is how you have got the icon of the install UberStudent on the desktop on the screen. Double click on the icon install dialog box will appear. It will ask for language selection like our normal program installations. Select the appropriate language and click next/forward button.

5.      You are done now…

The backbone of UberStudent is the Debian Linux distribution. This software provides the feature like:
·      Educational apps, Video editing, Gaming, image manipulation, Writing scripts of the ancient times, E-book reader, Google chrome, Time management apps, Supports all the application  of Ubuntu 10.04,Collection of various cloud apps, Thunderbird, Various study aids, Bleach bit, Messaging, Multimedia.

UberStudent is the best software for the learners. UberStudent operating system is the boon for IT sector.