Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Features of Ubuntu 12.10 Version

As we all know about Ubuntu as an open source operating system, work never stops for them. It releases its updated version twice per year. First releases in the month of April and second one in the month of October. In this year the first release of 12.04 version a.k.a. “PRECISE PANGOLIN” was done in the month of April and now it’s time for the second release of the Ubuntu for this year. The launching of 12.10 version a.k.a. “QUANTAL QUETZAL” of Ubuntu will be done in this month i.e. October.

This 12.10 version has some more new and updated features and general improvements from the last versions release.
·         Dash Previews:
The feature of this dash will be that it will show the quick previews of apps, file and other items like music, videos, photos and many more. With the media files, we can search for any song and right click on it when it appears in the dash and we can instantly see the information about that song as well the song automatically start playing.
·         Easier app installation:
This feature has made installation of any app very easy. In 12.10 the installation can be done by just searching an app from the Dash and it will show the results if the app is already installed or not and if not it show the list of apps from Ubuntu software center. We can just click on the app and install it on our PC.It all can be done without opening the Ubuntu software center and searching for the apps present there or not manually.
·         GCC 4.7 version:
In Ubuntu 12.04 the 4.6 version of gcc was included which has been upgraded to 4.7 version of gcc in 12.10.
·         GNOME updates :
The GNOME version 3.4 is the current one, but the news is like that the ultimate GNOME 3.6 version is to be included in 12.10.
·         Python 3:
In Ubuntu many of the important parts are written in Python and the API and framework are available from Python only. In this latest version of Ubuntu, most of the desktop applications had used Python 3 instead of Python 2.But there are still some packages left of Python 2 ,so both Python 2 and 3 are installed.
·         Firefox and Thunderbird:
In Ubuntu 12.10 the newly released Firefox 13 and the Thunderbird 13 are included.
·         Update Manager:
There is a slight new look for the update manger in the 12.10 version. And the name of update manager has been renamed as Software Updater which checks for updates each time it’s being launched.
·         Online shopping features in Ubuntu 12.10:
This feature has been included in 12.10 by adding Amazon as default items on Unity launcher. This give more suggestions about the searches made than from the home dash.

These are some of the features of the upcoming latest 12.10 version,still there are lots more.
Many of the versions had been released but the final and ultimate release of the Ubuntu 12.10 is more probably on 18th of October.