Friday, October 5, 2012

Use Technologies in different ways

Hello Readers,
Today I like to share about the “Technology” and the actual “Knowledge“ we have related to that Technology. Day by day the Technologies are changing, because the need of people is increasing, as I always like to say “Necessity is a mother of invention”. So to fulfill that requirement the new technologies are invented. But in reality how much we know about the technology, which I currently used by us in our daily life.
Now consider an example, we all use MS office2007 (or higher Version) in our daily life, but there are some extra facilities given MS office for us, how many people know that if we copy any kind image (e.g. .jpeg, .png, .gif) which has size on disk in MBs into Microsoft office PowerPoint and then try to save that image in any format then the size of image will reduces almost in KBs. (try any image which have size up to 3MB, after saving the image the size of image will be reduces up to 300-700 KBs). This is my personal observation and it will very much help full to upload images on social websites and mailing huge number of images to our friends as well. This is all about the software we have in our computer but we never try in different ways.
Sometimes we suffer with slow internet connection and many times the web pages are not opening in fast speed, especially when we open e-mail account and we get response that “you have slow internet connection and try for basic HTML page”, but if you want to use the standard HTML pages then just click on index option given on the current page and you will see the standard HTML is still working with slow internet connection. This almost works with “”.
Now a day Mobile is more power full communication device which we have with very cheaper price. To communicate with any one we have many facilities in mobiles phones in-built. The blue-tooth option; which we like the most because we can transfer many things from one mobile to other one as well as from laptop to mobile phones and vice-versa. We can write the message and send it to anyone, but we have to pay for that as per the network providers Terms and Condition, another way is to pay for especial packs, which is cheaper than paying for per messages. But we never thought how the technology would be used, instead of paying we can combine two or more facilities in mobile phones and we can use them in different ways. If you know, we have the facility to send text file from one mobile to another one with help of Bluetooth, but the question is that how to create text file in mobile phones? The solution is also in the mobile phones, if you observer there is one facility to create “NOTES” in every mobile phones. If you do not know this then go to your “MENU -> Organizer -> Notes” (for Nokia mobiles) in your mobiles phone. Then write whatever you want and then save it and try to send this note file with the help of Bluetooth. To send this file just select options and you will see the option i.e. send via Bluetooth. But it has some limitations, because you are using a Bluetooth to send files and Bluetooth has distance limitation so you can send messages within that distance only.
There are many more technologies are available with us but we have to think in different ways to invent something new.