Saturday, August 23, 2014

Learn how to add live video streaming on wordpress website

Hello to all web geeks, this article is about adding live video stream on a Wordpress or wp Website.
There are many different ways to add a live stream video on your website. Let us go through the easiest way to accomplish this task.

To add a live stream video you need to add a plugin in your wordpress by login to your dashboard and going to plugin section and click on plugin->new.
Then search a plugin name as "viper video Quicktags" and install that plugin .

Then to add the video you need to add it on a post or on a page but the process is same for both. So, go to post or page then Add New.

Then click on a Icon depicted as shown in below image

Now you need to search the link where the live video streaming is on for example on youtube and on many other sites. So, just copy the link of that video streaming link and add it in the link space as shown in below image. Here you can set the resolution also. Then click on "Okay" option.

Therefore after following the process you're through and also you can add videos using the same process.

Thank you and feel free to comment.