Friday, August 22, 2014

Editing a Document from different Computers simultaneously

Many people like me, are facing a problem where two or more persons have to work on a same document but they are at different locations and can't be together at the required moment. So a solution to the above defined problem is "Google Docs". 
To use it you should primarily have to things. First, a Google account and second, a good-speed internet connection. Lets, start experiencing a document editing now with a friend who is on another computer. Following the below steps:

  1. Go to Your Google Drive account. (use your gmail account to login if you haven't used it before) 
  2. Click on "CREATE" on the left margin of the screen.
  3. After clicking on create it shows some options regarding creations of new files, folders, etc.
  4. You can select the type of file on which you want to work. We'll be considering "Document" for our example.
  5. Now, I've created a file and it is saved automatically and immediately after making any changes. This file is the same file you created and each time you make changes will be over-written to the same file.
  6. Go back to your Google Drive and right click your file to share with a person with whom you want to work together.
  7. Share the email address of the person who will be sharing this doc file and can have different privileges, that the Owner will provide. 

  8. A confirmation e-mail and a link will be send to the person through which a person can directly reach to edit the document. Click on "Done" after adding the members who can edit or can view the document through read-only permission as per provided by the Owner.
  9. Now the two persons have fulfilled all the requirements to work together on a single document. First person can see the file in his drive and the other can see the link in the mail. Further, he may add this file to his Google drive so that they can access it easily. 

From the screenshot, it can be seen that two users can edit the document at the same time and changes can be seen immediately. Like earlier, all the changes are saved automatically and gets over-written whenever it is edited.Other details like, Last time when the document was edited and the person who edited the document, can be seen in the file information tab.
Similarly whole folder can be shared between people and can be worked together. For any queries and help, please comment and feel free to connect.