Monday, July 21, 2014

Problem Step Recorder (PSR) In Windows 7/8

          Problem Step Recorder (PSR) is an in-built step recorder provided in Windows 7 and Windows 8. It maintains a record of steps taken, while doing some sequence of actions on computer. Thus snapshots of screen are recorded in one file once the PSR is enabled. 

  PSR can be enabled by going to

1) Run and type "psr" :

2) Start Record:

       Once the recording starts, it starts recording means it takes the screenshots and maintains it with other details such as time, date attribute. PSR also keep tracks of the actions taken through mouse and keyboards and explains them through text on this recording.

3) Stop Record:
After the recording is stopped, it displays a browser page which is the output of this session for a preview purpose. You can save this file and it get saves with a .zip file. After extracting the zip file you can get a MHTML (.mht) file which shows all the detailed descriptive steps performed during solving problem. Hence, named as Problem Step Recorder. 
It is very helpful in giving explanation in steps and can be helpful in writing blogs too for the bloggers. I hope it will be helpful for my readers.
Here is a sample of PSR output file: download here

For any queries and details feel free to comment.