Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Shared Memory between Bluestacks and Windows

Hii friends, I would like to share something which may be helpful to you. As everybody know about the Bluestacks (famous Android Emulator for Windows). Most of our friends may be facing the problem of sharing files between Bluestacks and our hard disks. So lets see the method of exchanging files:

In the initial stages of Bluestacks released, people use to access their files via google drives, sky drives or any other cloud drives. They use to upload their files on cloud, logging in into drive through Bluestacks sky drive and from there they use to download it. The new updates in Beta version of Bluestacks include Shared folders between windows and Bluestacks which gave a good sigh of relief to us. Here I’ve found the common folders in both of them hope it will help you.
The SharedFolder of Windows in C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks\UserData\SharedFolder And in Bluestacks you will find this folder in path /sdcard/bstfolder/BstSharedFolder.
Thus we cannot access the whole drives through Bluestacks but I think it’s more than sufficient for what we required. Any files of windows can be copied in SharedFolder of windows and can be accessed in BstSharedFolder of Bluestacks. The Program Data in your C Drive may be hidden. You need to unhide it and then make your way.
And for Bluestacks, if you have not installed any file explorer than for accessing the needed path you will have to install it. For example: ES Explorer- I found it pretty good.
Hope you will enjoy Android in Windows and my things will help you.
Comments and Queries are most welcome. Thank you.