Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kumbhthon II

On the day of 23 of February of 2014 Kubhthon community arranged an meting. For process of project development. To know about Kumbhthon  please follow link Kumbhthon I. "Mr. Rajesh nair" is guest for second meet-up. He has started national level project competition that is "TECH-TOP". He works in the MIT lab. On the day of meting with mr. Nair, he firstly understood that what is kumbhthon and why it is started. Meeting is arranged in "Sandip Foundation". Mr. Nair sir said that explain about your project in only 2-3 minutes. So we are get confused how to explain about project in 2-3 minutes. Nair sir guided us to what should we have to explain about respective project. Mr. Nair sir suggested some of the questions are listed below. Try to answer this question about your project. So the one member from each group is on the dice for answering these questions. 

Also Mr. Nair sir explained about how to start your own business with the same project. depending upon all of these points sir suggested some question. If we are able to answer these questions then it is possible to start business. 
Questions are:
  1. What is the problem do you want to solve?
  2. Who faces these problems?
  3. Who will get beneficial from our project?
  4. Who decides?
  5. Who pays?
  6. How to develop?
  7. What are the resources required?
  8. How you will reach to customer? 

From our group Mr. Wasif is on dice, he explained all of the things regarding our project. Mr. Nair suggested some of the changes in our process of development. Also one thing that sir says repeatedly is your meetings are necessary for successful project development. 
Sir also suggested that find your project stakeholders such as: visitors, government, local businesses, transports, Health, NGO, media, trusts etc. 
This session is completely brainstorm session. we have learned lot much of things from mr. Nair sir.