Monday, September 2, 2013

Writing CD/DVD in Ubuntu

Hello friends, in this blog I will discuss how to write CD/DVD in Linux like operating system Ubuntu. In this blog we are studying how to make bootable CD/DVD, data CD/DVD, audio CD/DVD and video CD/DVD. By default Ubuntu provide tool to write CD/DVD that is “Brasero Disk Burner”. We can run this tool by using CLI(terminal) or from application software list or by searching in Dash home. There are various other tools available to write CD/DVD. If your system does not have Brasero Disk Burner then use first command shown in figure1.
Figure 1. Commands

To run the Brasero tool from terminal open CLI (by clicking ctrl+alt+t in ubuntu) and use second command in figure 1 or you can open it from dash home as shown in figure 2. When dash home is open, type “brasero” in text box then system displays application, then you can use it by clicking on it.

Figure 2. Dash Home

When you have opened Brasero tool it will look like as in figure 3. There are various option button are avalable for making audio, video, data, bootable CD/DVD.
Figure 3. Brasero Disk Burner
Now we will go to making boot-able CD/DVD. Follow following steps:
  1. Click on button Burn image, it will display new window as shown in figure 4.
  2. Now select image first by clicking on button “click here to select image”.
  3. Then select CD/DVD and proceed.
  4. Then it will display new window, click on Burn button it will start writing image on CD/DVD.

Figure 4. Burning Image

Now we will discuss how to copy CD/DVD using Brasero, Follow the below steps:
  1. Click on Button Disk copy of Brasero shown in figure 3.
  2. Now it will display new window. select CD/DVD to copy from first option (by default it will select CD/DVD) as shown in figure 4.
  3. From second option if you want make image file of CD/DVD select image otherwise another option to image file.
  4. At last click on copy button or if you want more copy of same CD/DVD then select option make several copy button.
Figure 5 Coping CD/DVD

Above steps can be applied to making audio, video CD/DVD. After completion of writing disk it will eject disk drive or if it is not possible to eject drive it will display message for the same.