Sunday, September 14, 2014

Learn how to hack hathway internet on your windows xp/7/8/8.1

Learn how to hack hathway internet on your windows

Welcome all to our blog of itsitrc, this article is for learning the hack for internet access or it can be used to share the internet of same account. Hacking is not good but using it for some useful purpose can propose a way to use and share efficiently. Use following information study purposes, if you get caught in doing such activity you may go through Cyber law, so this article is not responsible for your activity.

Let’s start with the Procedure:

Important point about Internet providers:
Drawback of most of the ISP’s(Internet Service Provider) is that they provide you with same username as well as passwords and this is our major key.

Now you may ask How to hack the internet of hathway?

Go to their account page and try using name or sirname as username and password, for example Username = Sameer and password= Sameer. Once your luckily entered into any account you need to see the  login sessions.

Most important thing to obtain from that account is IP address and MAC address and watch the package period for your general knowledge.
(Note the IP address and MAC address).

Now set your IP address as:

There IP address    ***.***.***.***

Subnet mask  ( Give a Tab after entering your IP address)


Select any two of below for DNS:


Now, all you need to do is Change your MAC address to noticed address.
( To learn how to change your MAC address read this article click here)

After changing the MAC and IP address just go to there log in page and enter the username or password and enter. Therefor you will be able to access the internet of that account.

So, if you know the ID and password from your affiliate you will be able to access internet from remote place.
Remember you can access hathway internet of your City account only.

If you have any query do comment below, your queries are welcome to this article and it will be solved as soon as possible. Thank you.

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