Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ethical Hacking And Prevention

Ethical hackers And how to get secure by there attacks

Ethical hacker , after listing this term we create a picture of an evil person in our minds. "hacker" this term is really famous in young generations and most of the youth wants to be a hacker.

There are Certifications for Ethical hacking.

                            According to me for every single element in this world 1 has good sight and 1 bad has sight.It depends on the person who is inhaling it into him.This certification is legal and this people are made into practices to let a organisation know that how there data can be hacked so the organisation uses some prevention.
                           This post is not to have wrong intention for people out there to study wrong practices, ill give some ways to hack as well as how to prevent it.

                           A hacker always try to attack in weak points of a suspect but it is always strong point for him. Hacker will try to break the security in any how condition.So ill give important clues how to hack any network.

Hackers works for this following weak points which he can get :

1. IP address either ipv4 or ipv6 which ever suspect uses.

2.MAC address which is uniquely identifies machine in network.

3.User name and password are same most of the times .

Basic steps to hack a network or a computer :

Step 1 : You're supposed to be connected in a network which belongs to your suspects.

Step 2 : You need some characteristics of suspect to be detected ! !
Such as : Ip address , MAC (Media Access Control) Address , id and pass (in some cases).

Step 3 : How to get all this information ?
 There are some commands for getting network information within LAN

 arp -a   // ARP is Address Resolution Protocol this will resolve the mac and ip addresses of other computers connected in the same network.
 If you want to get the IP and MAC address from another network there some software which sends some fake packets in the network and get MAC and ip addresses ... I have recently posted 1 blog for this
Get the info regarding Ip and MAC using above mentioned tool.

Step 4 : By using the above same tool you can target the suspect and catch the live traffic and get the username and password too...

Step 5 : Change your MAC address and IP address same as the suspect.

Step 6 : And then Login to internet .

   If the user account is password protected then catch it through the same tool "ettercap"
Now How to prevent from this ??

Top 5 suggestion to get secure from hackers tactics :

1. All use password with '#' '%' '&' use this type of password with your alphabets or numbers.

2.To hide your IP address use a software "Superhide ip" which will give fake Ip address to the outside world

3.Change your MAC address learn from this post

4.Never select share internet option

5.Never enclose in public or friends your security question related hints.

Hacking in it self is also an Art to learn,understand and execute.  

Ethical Hacker can be use for beneficial purpose also,so they are mostly certified in some courses. Because they can show the ways that a system can be crack to anti for that crack is developed by that particular organisation. It can be use in good way also. I would suggest it for study purposes only to learn how network works and how to make our weak points as secure.