Sunday, September 1, 2013

SEO Heart of all Search Engines

When people try to search some results using some combination of keywords into the search engine, the main algorithm works behind the search engine is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Let us understand what exactly SEO is. The SEO term is really important when we talk about linking our site into different search engines, we will see how to use it further.

Different Search Engines on Web:
Google, Baidu , Bing, Blekko , DuckDuckGo, Exalead , Gigablast , Sogou , Soso , Volunia,  Yahoo, Yandex

 There are many different tutorial writing for SEO which helps till some extend for writing SEO for a particular Blog, but in this Blog you'll come to know the exact key points of SEO and how to use it.


SEO for a post requires:

1. Title
2. Content
3. Meta keywords
4. Tags
5. SEO title
6. Meta description
7. Permalink to post

 I'll give you a pictorial example using a web tool wordpress with an installed plug-in called as "SEO by Yoast" because I personally find it really useful.

As you can see in above example the main role playing points is the above mentioned post requirement. Filling this information appropriately gives you a powerful SEO.

Okay, so in above example what common you see?? Yes, it is term "EXAMPLE". While writing a post do remember your title should be proper and related to your topic. Next important thing, your content should contain the same topic name as a starting keyword in your post. Then Meta keywords as well as Meta description should contain the same topic name to make it more powerful. Then while linking one of the most vital roles is changing your Permalink to post name with domain


PERMALINK is the link which is related to your post. By default it will be some page id with a number. For example but if the post name is combined as a permalink then it will surely help to retrieve the post page in the SEO. For example
Try to put some SEO or focused key word related to your topic or same as your topic name so to achieve good throughput.
Combining all these concepts you'll surely achieve a strong SEO for your post.