Saturday, August 30, 2014

Learn How to share internet in LAN in Windows 8.1 with pictures

Hello Folks, as we know new Operating system comes into picture after every short period of time. So, sometimes it may happen that visual aspects may change. In windows 8.1 same problems is faced by number of windows user. So, let’s overcome this problem statement of how to share internet in LAN in windows 8.1.

Just Follow the Pictorial and description regarding this problem.

Now, remember you must be having a single computer as main login for internet and that computer must be connected to a switch or a router or a hub. So, connect the LAN cable on the same device of network computers.

At Host Side do this:

 Go-to Control Panel.

Click on view Network Status and tasks.

Go-to  Start->Control Panel->all Control Panel Items-> Network and sharing center 

Select change Adapter settings.

Select Ethernet and Right Click on it.
Then Click on Properties.

Click on Sharing tab and tick the Option as marked in below image and then click on OK.

 So, here we end up with host side basic settings.

At Client Side do this:

You need to go at Network and Internet as done at Host Side

Select View network status and tasks.

Click on Ethernet.

Then click on properties.

Then in Networking tab scroll till the option comes internet Protocol Version 4 and click on OK.

Now, this is important work here, to obtain shared internet from Host you need to set a static IP address as shown in below image, for N number of computer just increase the last digit in IP address i.e. then in place of 4 put 5 and so on.

 Then click on OK and hence you will gain the internet access on your Windows 8.1 Operating system.

If you tackle any problem feel free to discuss it down and if you like the simplicity of this article do share on social sites to spread this information. Thank you !