Wednesday, August 6, 2014

How to change MAC address of smartphone mobile in Android

How to Change MAC address of Android Smartphone

Hello all readers, this post is related to changing MAC that is Media Access Control Address in smartphone, especially on Android. Well many people say it is not possible, but they are wrong it is actually possible and lets do it....

To do this activity, the Android smartphone must be rooted, that means you must have a Superuser enabled and if you don't know how to root then Google it with your smartphone name and download the root files.

Step 1 : You must root your Android smartphone properly with full administrative and check it's root functioning ( If it will be not rooted our app will not work)

Step 2: Install Mac Spoofer from Google play and allow it root permission

Step 3: Enter the Mac Address in HEX form without space
 After getting the permission it will print 

Step 4: Save it and your MAC Address is changed Temporarily

Remember that the MAC address you set is valid till the machine is on, as soon as the machine goes off and restarts it gains it's original MAC address...
This process is the easiest way to change the MAC address of smartphone. 

To check the changed MAC address go to your handset's setting, then about phone and see the new MAC address.

This tricks can be used to take identity of another Machine,so please don't misuse the guidance of this post for illegal act, use it for study purpose only.

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