Thursday, December 6, 2012

GMOTE Control for Ubuntu Linux

Almost 95% percent of world's population uses cell phones. Amongst which approximately 55% to 70% uses cell phones with android applications in it. Android is a Linux based operating system designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices such as smart-phones and tablets computers. It is open source in nature. An android application provides 'n' number of applications for its users. One of the important applications provided by android for Ubuntu Linux users is 'GMOTE'.

       Fig1. Android Gmote

GMOTE supports Linux, Mac and windows. GMOTE can be used over 3G or wifi. GMOTE is the application which has the ability to turn our android phone into a remote control for our computer. GMOTE allows one to start, adjust and control the songs and movies i.e. videos and audios from a distance. All the features and the modes of our standard remote control are supported by GMOTE. Some of the features are play, pause, rewind, volume controls etc. GMOTE contains an in-built file browser which enables the user to view the files on his computer and provides the selection operator to select any which he wants to play from them. It's great if you want to sit back while watching a DVD, or control the flow of songs in your favorite play list. User can sit back on his place watch movies and from his place only he control flow of the movie. GMOTE has the ability of been used as wireless keyboard or as Touch-pad. GMOTE also provides the feature of streaming of the music from computer to the cell phone...

Setting up of the GMOTE needs setting it up at the 2 sides:

1) Sever side setting up:
     The GMOTE server is 1.6 version of Java’s Java virtual machine.
     To confirm the version of the JVM of our PC:
     Go to terminal and type 'Java-version'
     When we install our package of Ubuntu Linux after its success open the terminal and    
     type the command: 

STEP 1)   tar -zxvf GmoteServerLinux2.0.0.tar.gz
STEP 2)   cd GmoteServerLinux2.0.0/
STEP 3)   ./

    Fig 2. This is how the screen at server side will appear.

Now after successful completion of these steps, as the process need the connection permission from the client side i.e. cell phone will be the client in this case it will prompt the password screen box on the screen. With the help of this password, the client can connect to server. The cell phone will also display the password dialog box.

Remember that (For Windows only) it is user must give the GMOTE the location of the media files, in order to access easily these files from the cell phones.
Note that GMOTE server works on port number 8889

2)      Client side setting up :
     For setting up the connection at client side needs fewer efforts as compared to the server 

            STEP 1) For setting up the connection just go to android market
            STEP 2) Type 'GMOTE'.
            STEP 3) then Click the 'download' option to download it.

  Fig. 3 This is how the screen at client side will appear

Finally after the successful connection of both the server and the client select the ' connect' option to connect the client to the server i.e. the phone to the PC. Thus you as the user will have the great experience of GMOTE feature of the android market for the Ubuntu Linux.

 Fig 4. This the how you can handle your pc with your cell phone
This is how you can control videos on your PC.

The only limitation of using this application is it restricts the 'distance factor'.