Thursday, February 13, 2014

How to record screen activity in windows 7 with free software tool

Hello all , this article is dedicated for making a screen capturing activity as well as snapping current window screen situations in windows 7.

Name of this software tool is "Free Screen Video Recorder". While pursuing this software tool settings are supposed to be done prier then recording a video.Default Quality is low i.e. Microsoft Video ,but best thing would be going for "Cinepak Codec by Radius". okay, let's take it from the top.

Download the Software 1st click on below download button :

Install it with the most important steps i.e. next->next->Finish :D well it was funny,now open the installed application i.e. "Free Screen Video Recorder v.2.5.30 build 812" or just type in search you will get it easily.

Then there are two main feature of this software tool.

1.Screen Capture in Image format.

2.Screen Activity capture in Video format.

1.Screen Capture in Image format :

This type contains more 4 options i.e.

A. Full Screen Capture

After selecting this option you can capture the whole Screen and save it.

B. Capture window

After selecting this option you can capture a particular window which you select on the screen ,which is active.

C. Capture Object

You can Capture that particular object on which you click.

D. Capture Region

You can have a depth snap of any particular region on the Screen.

2.Screen Activity capture in Video format.

A. Record Video with full Screen

Records the whole Screen Activity and save the recorded video clip in the output folder.

B. Record Video from Window

This option records the particular Window Selected after this option selection.

C. Record Video from Object

Selects that particular object as reference and captures the video clip.

D. Record Video from Region

Selects a particular region on the screen and captures it into the form of video.

Settings :

It contains several settings such as Delay time in General Section default File-name you can Decide on Media format i.e. image format of saving and video format.
Also you can select language of interaction and you can update the most possible updates available.