Monday, December 30, 2013

Extending Time limit to pick an OS in the GRUB Menu

Every one of my friend might be some inconvenient about the time they missed for choosing an OS in the GRUB menu. So not to worry friends, i have some simple steps to be followed for changing the time limit that we hate.

Obvoiusly lazy persons like me will like it. Since it reduces small but valuable time. Whenever a non required by default OS starts booting, we have to wait so that we can restart it and then select our required OS. This time limit is defined somewhere in a file that we have to change.

Without boring my readers anymore i would like to continue my share the steps which we are discussing.

Step 1 :
Find your grub folder. Most likely it would be in your Linux System's /boot/grub.

Step 2 :
Look for the file grub.cfg in the grub folder.
The time limit for the GRUB menu is defined in this file so to change limit we have to edit this file. Editing this file will need the permission of Super_User.
Step 3 :
You can do this by the following command
$ sudo gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg
Then you will be asked for Password.
Step 4 :
Find the text such as
if [ "${recordfail}" = 1 ]; then
set timeout=-1
set timeout=15

Step 5 :
The timeout mentioned in the else part is the thing which we want to change. The unit for this timeout is in seconds. We can keep timout as much we want.
set timeout=60
that means timeout is set for 60seconds.
Step 6 :
Save the file successfully, do not edit anything without any confirmed knowledge. This can harm your grub loader.

These are the steps which will lead you towards more ease of using your PC.
For more information or any type of help regarding the topic, please comment.

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