Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Hello Linux lovers, today I am going to discuss about Servers Installation. Okay I am not going to show installation of every server that you need in your life, for example apache server,DNS server,PHP server etc. Instead of that I will show how to install all that servers in your workstation. Mainly we need server on Linux Server but it might be happens that you want to install those server on your Personal Computer for your commercial or Non-commercial usage.
When people start installation of server they don’t get any idea how to install that server. They started searching on Google and they find some commands to install it. But think is, when you want to install more servers that time finding commands to install each server is takes lots of time as well as you have to do more installations. Instead of doing this all kind of lengthy stuffs, we have a great command which make your installation so much easier than previous tasks.
TASKSEL is a command which helps you to install top 20 servers in your PC. TASKSEL is by default installed in Ubuntu Servers, but we can install it in your PC also by using command sudo apt-get install tasksel .
Fig:- Installing tasksel
After installing tasksel you can view it’s manual page also on terminal by typing man tasksel. When you use tasksel command in terminal it will show you all the top 20 server names. To install those servers use space button to select your server, then click on OK button and those servers that you have selected for installation they will start installing in your system. This is a easier way to install servers on your system, I hope it will help you.
Fig :- Installing Selected Servers