Wednesday, October 2, 2013

FlareGet for Linux

A download manager is a computer program dedicated to the task of downloading of various files. There are various download managers in Linux like FatRat, Uget, and multiget. Apart from all these download managers the most widely used download manager of Linux is FlareGet.

Fig1: FlareGet Logo 

FlareGet manger is the full featured manager. It is the multi threaded and multi-segment downloads manager and accelerator. FlareGet provides the following features:

1)     Http Pipelining:

With the file segmentation dynamically, each of the segment is accelerated for up to 6 times.

2)     Support from multiple protocols:

It supports HTTPS, FTP and HTTPS.

3)     Intelligently managing files:

FlareGet manages the file intelligently. It categorizes the files as per their extensions. All downloads are then grouped in various folders as per their categories.

4)     Resume support


Downloads can be paused and then can be later resumed. It also automatically retries when a segment or download fails.

5)     Flash video download


One click flash video download from most of the sites is supported for all the browsers.

6)     Smart Scheduler: 

You can easily schedule FlareGet to download files automatically. It allows starting and pausing downloading files at the set time.

7)     Adding and removing segments:

One can add or remove download segments dynamically without interrupting the download.

8)     Automatic Segmentation:

When one segment ends, it starts another segment to help terminate another segment faster.

9)     Dynamic File Segmentation

It uses a robust dynamic file segmentation algorithm to speed up the download. It supports up to 32 segments per download.

10) Monitoring of the Clipboards

No need to copy paste your download links, it monitors your clipboard.

11) Downloading Limits :

 You can limit the number of simultaneous downloads, when one download ends, another starts automatically.

12) Advanced Browser Integration(ABI)

The only download manager for Linux which integrates with all the browsers to snatch away downloads URL and start the download by itself. It does this magic without any addons.

13) Multi linguistic support

FlareGet is being translated into many languages, currently English, Arabic, Italiano, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, French, Czech, Bengali and Portuguese are available.

Here are few screen shots for the same.

                                                                  Fig 2:screenshot1

                                                                  Fig 3:screenshot2
                                                                  Fig 4:screenshot3

                                                                  Fig 5:screenshot4

 Important Characteristics of FlareGet are:

1.      Acceleration:
FlareGet can accelerate a file download with its acceleration servers. So you can always expect better download speeds than while downloading through your web browser.

2.      Segmented File Download:
Before downloading a file, you can select the number of segments you want to split the file while downloading, when a file is split while downloading, it increases the download speed as well as saves the file from being damaged in case of a power failure or internet connection problem.

3.      Better File Management:
All the downloaded files are separated into different folders according to their type so that finding them won't be a hassle.

On searching in this we get to see the following icon.

                                                  Fig 6: FlareGet icon

Linux Mint and other Linux can download FlareGet from flare Get’s website: