Sunday, August 4, 2013


 Learn Open Source Networking tool "Ettercap". Ettercap works as a mediator attack between user and the server. Ettercap is there for windows XP as well as different versions Linux, but it works more efficiently in 
1. Fedora
2. Gentoo
3. FreeBSD
4. NetBSD
5. OpenBSD

1. DNS spoofing
2. ARP poising
3. DOS attack (PLUGIN)
4. SSL attack

This tool can be used for good purposes as well as for negative one. This tool is very useful for ethical hackers. Hacking in ethical environment needs the base of suspects MAC address, IP address and PORT address. Any combination of this three attributes forms a secure private Lan network. To break this network Security, Hacker needs to deal with this three attributes and play with them. But how to get these information?. Here comes the role of "ettercap". It is really a powerful tool.

ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) poising:
This technique sends a fake spoofed (ARP) messages in the discoverable LAN environment. This attack is used to get the MAC address and IP addresses. This technique is really help full to start getting the information. As it sends a spoofed (message) in the network, the systems active and discoverable in network will respond.

DNS spoofing:

In DNS spoofing you just need to edit a config file that defines which IP addresses to be resolved.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer):
It is a crystallographic protocol that provides communication security over the internet. Using ettercap we can break or enter into this layer.

Searching Host:

To start the attack or search of the suspect or destination node in the network select the host option and search the available host.
Setting Target:

After getting the resolved IP and MAC addresses, select number of targets.
Using it in Windows command prompt :

How to start ettercap?

It is an open source tool to use. Download and install it from installation manager. After installing it open it and type in prompt "ettercap -G".

This tool is open source and can be used for good as well as wrong purposes. Better we use it for study purposes.