Saturday, August 3, 2013

What is Picture Password in windows 8

Hi friends, recently I had some new experiences with Windows 8 which I would like to share with you all. It's about the picture password- a new type of password recognition method to allow the user to use the program according to its authorities provided by the administrator.
So the picture password can be used in Windows 8 for login purpose by the different users of  the same computer. A Picture password can look like the pattern making method of password which can be generally seen now a day in many of the android phones.

But it’s not same in Windows 8 like you are seeing above. For the pattern making method image is fixed i.e. it will be a matrix display of 3x3 or any AxB. But in picture password you have a choice to select any of the images for your password procedure. And here it’s your choice to do anything on the image like tapping somewhere with cursor or dragging a cursor in any specific manner as you like and can remember as a password and repeat the process for confirmation. After the confirmation, while login next time you have to repeat the same steps you did as to create the password.

Here are the steps to create PICTURE PASSWORD:-

· Open the settings of windows 8, by taking your cursor to right corner of the screen and to the last row of the new emerged window is SETTINGS.

    ·Click to the last option "Change PC settings".

  • ·Choose the option "User".

  • On clicking "User", on right side you will see an option "Create a Picture Password"

  • Enter the current Password for making further changes. (Only if you have created a password ever on your pc)

  • Now choose a specific picture to keep it as a password, option appearing on the left side of the screen.

  • Perform any three operations called as gestures such as
        i)  Tapping on the picture's specific part
       ii) Or dragging any lines, circle or anything of your choice.

    Perform any of three operations; remember the sequence of operations and the position of your cursor while performing it.

    Note: Don’t worry in between if you forget your 1st or 2nd gesture while creating password, you can again start it over from 1st step.

     For example here,

    Step 1: I made a tap on the thumb.

Step 2: I dragged a line over the alphabet 'i' of "like".

Step 3: Making round circle over the alphabet 'o' of "Do".

Selecting an image containing texts would make you remember of making the gestures properly. Otherwise you can choose any image of your choice.

·Repeat the above three gestures exactly you made it for the first time.
·After confirmation you can use this picture password either your text password while login.

Hope, you will have fun using picture password of windows 8.

If you have any queries related to this, please let  me know.

Thank You.