Tuesday, July 16, 2013

TouchRetouch – Photo Retouching Application

TouchRetouch – Photo Retouching Application

Many of the times, it happens that we take a photograph and unwanted object comes into picture. Even if you take utmost care when taking a photo, there are times when an unwanted object comes in the way. Sometimes, you want to take a picture of the sky and various signboards and wires over your head come in the way to spoil your photo “otherwise”spectacular photos. Well, now I am going to introduce you to an application for an Android phone, that'll fix such problems in your photos, so stop worrying, your every photo is going to be “Perfect”.

TouchRetouch is an application available for both Android and iOS. This application will help you remove those unexpected unwanted objects from your photos. Someone kept a hand over your head in one of your photos? Don't worry. TouchRetouch will come to your rescue. That idiot guy/gal placed a finger in front of camera lens while taking photo? No problem, we'll cut his/her finger away. Lol. :-D

Here I'll explain a little on how to use the app, TouchRetouch:
  1. Download TouchRetouch Free on your Android phone or iOS device. For Android: TouchRetouch Free.

  2. Open TouchRetouch.
  3. You'll have option to “Open photos from Folder” or “Take new photo from Camera”.

  4. After choosing a photo, you need to select a tool, provided by app, for removing the unwanted things and change the tool size with the slider that's visible.

There are 2 tools for selection, Lasso tool and Brush tool. Brush tool allows more accurate selection.
When you are making the selection, a small window appears to show you what is being covered by your finger, a great thoughtful feature.
  1. Selected area is shown in red color. You can make changes to the selected area with the Eraser tool. More precise selection of objects would result into more clearer final photo.
  2. Press Start button (looks like an Arrow) to remove object from the photo.

  3. Click on the Floppy icon to save the photo to your Gallery, or for sharing.

The free version of the app works great except that the resultant output is just about 0.5 megapixels. But that's good enough for print sizes upto 4x6 in.
Give it a try and say what do you think in comments..!!!