Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Restoring password of UBUNTU

It is possibility that we forgot password of our Ubuntu system. We will not have to worry we can restore password of Ubuntu system. To restore your Ubuntu password, you will need to useRecovery mode. To start recovery mode we have to press shift key as soon as computer started or it system can directly display option for recovery mod when system is not displaying recovery mode option then use shift key. It will displays screen as shown in following figure 1.

Figure 1 shows recovery mode option

When system displays recovery mode option select using arrow key buttons and press enter. Most of the time the recovery mode is second option in option list. Now we have to wait for system to display terminal mode. Before this system asks for user select user as root then press enter. After that terminal screen will appear.

To reset your password use password shell commend as:

Ravikumar@ubuntu:~# passwd Ravikumar

HereRavikumaris user-name you have to specify your user-name. Then press enter, after that Ubuntu will prompt you for password. Then enter new password which you want to set. After that it will ask password for conformation and then press enter. Once you have restored your password you can return to normal system environment by entering in terminal following command:
Ravikumar@ubuntu:~# init 2