Saturday, July 20, 2013

How to continue your laptop's system even after closing its lid

Hi friends, I will describe a technique to continue your processes like copying huge files, downloading files, playing music players or installation of any programs about which we rarely have some idea about the time it will require to complete and this all can be done even closing your laptop's lid without switching your laptop to sleep mode or hibernate or anything.

It always happens with us while working on laptop; we get interrupted by some other urgent work which needs some time. So to complete that, we have to always save our data and close our lid and leave it. Which turns our laptop to sleep mode and sometimes to hibernate and it’s very difficult when we have to carry our laptop while some processes like downloading or copying of files is running. We cannot interrupt such programs otherwise it may waste our lot of time.

Also, it’s very irritating to cancel your copying or downloading or installation of applications just for your daily routines like a boring lunch or to attend a call or to meet a friend who is waiting at your door just for small chat or discussion. Suppose you want to hide that thing from your friend’s eye, you can simply close your lid without cancelling your process. So, here windows had introduced the best solution to our problem i.e., continuing our processes even after closing laptops flap or lid.

Windows had recently shown some small changes in power modes. Everything can be decided by a user. Here is the method to make changes.

Note: Only for laptops having windows7 / windows8


Go to settings - Control Panel

Generally, we can find control panels on everyone’s desktop, but if you can't find it go for the search button in start menu, you will definitely get there. 

Select the option “Hardware and Sound”

 You can see the first column with the third choice is “hardware and Sound”.
This menu style may change from system to system, but for the option we are searching is in Hardware and Sound.


Go for the Power option in the menu provided

You can directly see here the required option “change what Power buttons do” by double clicking on that we can get the required page.


Now, you will get many choices like

    a) Choose what a power button does.
    b) Choose what a sleep do.
    c) Choose when i close my lid.

 Here for the lid options, double click on it.


 Again you have choices to save your changes in “On battery” mode or “Plug in” mode

For successful savings in your changes, reboot your laptop

 We can also change different things such as “What a power Button does” means while shutting down your laptop what the user wants. In which mode it should go, so that when he/she returns should catch up immediately. You can also play tricks with this with your friend’s laptop.

Have fun, enjoy your long term processes now without interruptions.