Monday, July 22, 2013

Reset Forgotten Root Password

Hi readers, nowadays there are people who forget their password, as they use multiple operating system, in which ubuntu is one of the most important OS that is used. We need super user authority to install or uninstall a package in ubuntu, where root has all the authorities. If I case we forget the root password then it would be a great trouble for us, and so we need to reset out root password, this can be done in six simple steps which are as follows:
  1. When you see the options in menu shown below.

2.Select the option and press “e” to edit the text which can be seen in
figure below

 3. Go to the sentence and edit the sentence “ro quite splash” as
rw init=/bin/bash”

  4.Now press F10 or Clt + x to reboot the system you will find that you are logged in as root.
  6.Now you can set your password using command,
passwd root