Friday, July 19, 2013

Changing of Sensitivity in Windows 8

Hello Readers,i would like to discuss about sensitivity of touch-pad in Sony Vaio E-Series by using Windows 8. It is simple and very useful utility to adjust the sensitivity of touch-pad on our laptops.
Let’s start,
Step 1:
Fig :01

Take your mouse pointer on top right corner of the screen. A vertical black column will appear click there on settings.
Step 2

Fig :02

When you click on settings a setting window will appear go to control panel which is highlighted in above picture.
Step 3:

Fig :03

A new window will appear click on Hardware and Support there as shown in above figure.
Step 4:

Fig :04

Now, when you click on Hardware and Support a new window will appear click on mouse option in Device and Printers there.
Step 5:

Fig :05

A small window will appear of mouse properties. Select a tab by name Device Setting. In Device Setting click on button Setting appear below the highlighted text.
Step 6:

Fig :06
A new window of properties of Synaptic Click-pad will appear. Click on option Pointing that will appear on left side of the window.
Fig :07

When you click on Pointing it will get expanded and an option for sensitivity will appear. Click on Sensitivity option and new small window will appear for it.
Fig :08
Now here you can adjust your touch-pad sensitivity to how much Light Touch or Heavy Touch you want and click close when you are done with it. 
This blog is written by Jakir Patel(B.E.I.T) from S.I.T.R.C Engineering College.