Monday, September 10, 2012

Bridging the Global Language Culture through Information Technology !!!

‘A Journey of Thousand Miles Starts with a Single Step’…Mr. Sunil Khandbahale is the living example who has given the true meaning to this proverb. Twelve years back, Mr. Sunil started this Project as a remedy to his own problems. A boy of Mahiravani village when felt that “language” was the hurdle in his way to completion of goal, his schooling was in Marathi medium, because of which he faced a lot of trouble coping with English during higher studies. He decided to use dictionary in his life and find the way out and tackle the problems. Using this he tackled almost hindrances of his life. However, he took it as an opportunity to learn and invent methodologies to learn a new language. It worked for him! So he thought, why not for others? He went on exploring the possibilities and shared these with other people. He says, “I don’t know exactly how and when but now the whole world took notice of my small efforts. I feel very good about it”.  His opinion was that there are many more students like me for whom “language fear” is the factor to stop them from achieving success in life. So he decided to make the “e-dictionary”, so that at any point of life if anyone gets stuck up with meaning of any word, that person can easily get through it using my “e-dictionary”.   

Now, his products and services are used by millions worldwide at both individual and institutional levels.  Try googling the term ‘khandbahale’ or ‘’ on Internet and you will find millions of links talking about ‘khandbahale’. Their software is being used extensively by companies listed in major stock exchanges, such as NSE and NASDAQ; in addition to this it has a wide usage from local governments to foreign embassies, from a native speaker to foreigners. Altogether, there are 40+ million user ships in more than 150 countries. A unique ‘Languages Networking’ project has been initiated by Sunil Khandbahale, founder of   KHANDBAHALE.COM. This website has been rated as a top-ranking website for Indian regional languages on the Internet! The story of ‘making of KHANDBAHALE.COM’ is inspiring.
Most of these products and services are Free for everyone and can be accessed or downloaded at  in tune with the times and technology, this website offers compatible software downloads for all windows versions, plug-ins for web browsers, and apps for mobile phones and handhelds. These services are platform independent and are in Unicode. India is the 2nd largest country of mobile subscribers with 800+ million mobile phones widely spread to every corner of the country. Taking this as an opportunity for the promotion of Indian regional languages and technology, the team at KHANDBAHALE.COM has been researching on Computer Society of India, Nashik Chapter, has conferred Yashokirti Award on Mr. Sunil Khandbahale in the year 2007 for his contribution to Information Technology field. Thus we all must learn one thing from this person…”WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY”.  We feel proud that Mr. Khandbahale is from the same village where our precious institute is situated!

This is called “Simple life with great achievements…..”